Mike Arrison Photography


I was born and raised in Philadelphia, up in the Northeast. Picked up my first camera when I was 15 and instantly fell in love with the medium. I always knew I wanted to go into the arts, and as I delved further into photography, it became more ingrained into the core of who I am. 

I'm currently working on two main projects.

The first is a continuation of what initially started as a simple study of light and color falling on the female nude. It has since grown into a direct response to the over sexualization and endless manipulation of the female body following many conversations with friends and especially my models. As someone who spent many years studying photojournalism, the concept of truth in photography is something that is encoded into my dna as a photographer. Apparently, in this day an age, showing the female body for what it is, rather than what we've been told it should be, is a radical idea.  

The second project is documenting the making of various indie films throughout the Philadelphia area. The vast majority of the films are being done on little to no budget, by a mostly volunteer staff, being made for the love and passion of the craft as we all work towards that 'big break'. Before I discovered photography, I myself was dead set on entering the film industry but wasn't particularly attracted to any of the established positions (grip, gaffer, editing etc etc) Once I discovered that I could combine my passion for still photography with love of cinema and filmmaking, I knew I had found exactly the kind of work I was meant to do. I've produced by far my best and most proudest work on these sets. The project is currently being split into two distinct bodies of work. One is a straightforward documentation of the goings on of set life, the second one is an exploration of the strange moments of movie magic that bridge the gap between reality and fiction which can only be found commonplace on a film set.

Outside of photography I'm an avid Star Wars nerd (with the tattoo to prove it),, and am always in the middle of at least two or three [audio]books. (Currently American Gods, The Last Lecture for the 10th+ time, various Marvel & Image series, and too many podcasts to count)



 Five Points, Northeast Philadelphia - March 2014

Five Points, Northeast Philadelphia - March 2014